Become part of the largest Global Affiliates Operators Network and start increasing your revenue and visibility today! 

GNet is a transaction-based system requiring no upfront payments and no need for additional hardware or software. 

Integrated Technologies

Why GNet? 

Being part of the largest Affiliates Operators network globally will save you time and money by using our top-end technology that eliminates repetitive tasks, and seamlessly connects you with other industry specialists.  

Automating tasks like emails, bookings, tracking, and more, you will have spare time to focus on growing your network and increasing the volume of your reservations.  


If GNet is free, how do you make money? 

Registration on the GNet platform is simple and free of charge. 

GNet is a transaction-based system requiring no upfront payments and no need for additional hardware or software. 

We get paid per reservation, therefore there is no cost for you to be part of the network. You will only pay for SUCCESSFUL reservations. There are NO additional charges for updates, cancellations, or querying a location.  

This means that your success = our success. Our goal is to increase your productivity so you can handle more reservations.  

GNet Features

Free Registration

GNet is a transaction-based system, so you only pay when you use it. 

Real Time Data

Geolocation tools provide vehicle location and trip status.


GNet adds automation to everyday tasks, increasing productivity. 

Real Time Status Updates

Information is automatically synced on both sides of the transaction as changes occur. 

An Open Market Platform

Send or receive electronic reservations and other information via your existing business system from any other GNet network participant. 

Easy Integration

GNet connects to your existing business system/technology providing hassle-free integration. 

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 “We support the future of worldwide ground transportation and without the proper functionality we cannot grow as a company or industry.  GNet makes us more efficient, accurate and allows us to run our company leaner.  We will only prioritize interconnection when it comes to affiliate relationships we owe to our staff and our clients”

Jay Erlich

CEO, Europe Limousine Service:

“GNet has been a game changer for my business. I have hundreds of connections and have sent out and received thousands of reservations. (Almost hard to believe in pandemic terms.) The BOTTOM LINE is: it works.”

Mark Kini

CEO, Boston Chauffeur:

“We are the leading software provider for the limo industry in Europe.We are big fans of GNet and we are convinced that this industry really needs a tool like this to be able to compete in the future.”

Kai Sperling:

Managing DIrector , 2SLimouERP